Wednesday, 3 May 2006

555 (1988)

Dir: Wally Koz

Ultra-obscure, shot-on-camcorder slasher that gained brief notoriety upon release thanks to its marvellously lurid ads in the back of Gorezone/Fangoria magazines. The plot concerns the exploits of a necrophiliac hippie (all love beads and bellbottoms) on a killing spree. He's being tracked by a pair of tough-talking cops who address everyone as either "bastard" or "asshole" (depending on how much they like you) and bumble around while the body count rises... Legend has it that Wally Koz (assisted here by Roy Koz, Linda Koz, Sophie Koz, Wally Koz Sr. and "Mom" (she is credited for "catering", bless)) made this movie on the back of a bet that he could make a better splatter movie than most of the rubbish being churned out by the 80s video market. In fairness, I'd've given him a beer (or whatever the stake was), as this a valiant try. The script is focused enough to be decent pulp (with an acceptable twist ending, no less); the dialogue is gloriously coarse ("Listen, you Irish cocksucker! I'm so good a lay, no man has ever got rid of me!"); the acting (clearly just Wally's buddies) is hugely enthusiastic all round; even the bargain basement gore FX are occasionally impressive (and always very splattery). I'd love to see this issued as a DVD with a commentary from the entire Koz family, as I'm sure there are some great stories to tell. Kind of sad that no one involved with the making of this has ever been heard from again... ***

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