Sunday, 8 January 2012

What Have They Done To Your Daughters? (1974)

Dir: Massimo Dallamano

A skillful blend of giallo and poliziotteschi courtesy of the ever-dependable Massimo Dallamano. Once again, Dallamano reaches higher than the usual confines of his genre and turns in an angry film about political corruption and the exploitation of children. There's definitely more thought and feeling put into this story of vice rings and black-gloved murderers than the usual sleazy parade of tits and gore. Although, to be fair these things are also amply provided for. Sherry Buchanan provides the former; some well-aimed meat cleavers to the heads and arms of hapless victims provide the latter. On the poliziotteschi side, we've got a cop who's boiled harder than nails (the late Claudio Cassinelli) and some of the most vibrantly shot car chase sequences I've ever seen. If you're expecting proper giallo, the weak "mystery" element will no doubt disappoint but it's an entertaining, impeccably made film and definitely worth a look to those with a deeper interest in the genre. **1/2

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